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Awarded for outstanding, and usually insane, offensive efforts in support of your team. This award is the Battlefront Medal of Honor:

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Joe "Hades" Theobald

Easy Company had successfully overrun all of Foy, nearly guaranteeing them a come from behind win at the end of the game. The AT gun had been set up to target the only armor entrance into town and there was only light resistance from German Army Group B after a round from the AT gun knocked out a room full of Germans in the warehouse. Sensing a loss, the German general desperately tried to take back the flag station at the warehouse by himself, but despite a valiant effort, was unable to raise the flag. The distraction, however, allowed for Hades to quietly take back the flag at O.P.1 and eliminate two members of Easy Company on the main road.

Time was short and Easy Company still had the lead. Hades called out to a referee and asked him to advise when there was one minute left in the game. The referee responded with “you are under 1 minute now!” With that, Hades made a dash to the Inn and began to hug the outside of the wall. Being one of the German team’s XOs, he was afforded the benefit of a headshot only elimination and stayed close to the walls to make his elimination from the defenders inside more difficult. Hades swept around the corner and quickly dispatched a member of Easy inside Ammo Dump 1. At this moment, the defenders inside the Inn came alive and began to fire on his lower body at close range. Hades wheeled around and ended their protest with several well placed shots.

With the US flag now just several paces away, a quick run was made to change out the flag. The two operators of the AT gun failed to notice the flag transition taking place just feet away as they sighted in on German armor advancing into the town. Within seconds, two quick taps from Hades’ barrel sent the AT gunners to the dead box. As the last second ticked away on the clock, the horn finally sounded and the Germans eeked by with the narrowest of victories over Easy Company. Eight members of Easy and two flags had fallen in the last minute of the game to the Immortal, Hades, who wins Kamikaze Patch Number 13.
Robbie "Hannibal" Brandau

There were about 90 seconds left in the game...the Airfield West Flag had been dropped by the Americans and replaced by the NVA several times...and after an entire day of combat, the 7th Cavalry was losing the game by only 20 points. Hannibal, the 7th Cav's second in command, organized every available troop to lay down a mass of suppressing fire while he dropped all his equipment and made a suicide dash for the flag. The NVA knew it was comming because everyone could hear the "3-2-1" countdown. PILES of paintballs flew in both directions and Hannibal took 30 hits...but not before the NVA flag went down securing the victory for the Americans by 180 points. An impressive effort in keeping with the highest traditions of our previous 11 Kamikaze Patch winners. Award number 12 goes to Robbie!
Brian Goudy

During the IA DRANG battle in November 1965, Capt. Ed Freemans actions lead to him being recommended for the Medal of Honor. Due to a paperwork problem it was nearly 40 years before he finally received the recognition he so rightfully deserved. We are also late in presenting Brian Goudy his Kamikaze Patch and apologize for the oversite.....but at least it didn't take 40 years. Citation as follows for action July 28, 2007 during our 2nd Anniversary Center Flag game: "Center Flag was next and several refs recommended the Battlefront MoH (Kamikaze Patch) to one guy who ran unarmed, and half naked, from the Supply Dock to hang his teams flag and then escape untouched. That's the 2nd Kamikaze in less than 60 days and only the 6th patch awarded during the 2 years we have been open" Patch number 11 goes to Brian.
Brandon Smith

The following transpired during the second Reichstag game of the day. The attacking team had taken out the Ludendorf tower in short order and were quickly pressing the walls of the Reichstag. They eliminated the tower and surrounded it to lay fire on the Fuhrer Bunker and prepared to press the final assault. Brandon had hidden himself in the dark corners underneath the Ludendorf and bid his time well, risking discovery he waited until we had focused on the Reichstag before he struck. Coming from underneath the tower he quickly barrel tagged the 4 defenders closest to him and began firing on everybody else in range, after taking out the leading edge of the attack he then attempted to cross the open distance between the tower and the Reich to safety, a feat often talked about but never actually attempted, and made it about half way before being eliminated. For daring tactics and blunting the leading edge of a Reichstag assault I'm happy to award Brandon Smith of the Slatebacks the 10th Kamikaze patch and the first medal of honor awarded for actions pertaining to a Reichstag game.
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