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Iron Cross
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The Iron Cross is given for outstanding defensive efforts: This award is the Battlefront DSC: 

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Kyle Hershberger

During the 2nd part attack on fortress Joe, Kyle moved alone down Sarubachi and against the Atlantic Wall. Kyle moved to the corner and eliminated several players inside shanty town before reversing direction and engaging players across the courtyard. Kyle then switched directions again and went over the trailer to the opposite corner to engage more players on Omaha and shanty town. Kyle quickly ran out of ammo and began picking balls up off the ground and single shooting everybody he could. At this point he was discovered and engaged, but he did not retreat for more paint, he once again reversed direction and attacked the courtyard interior one ball at a time. Kyle eliminated several more players while STILL scavenging balls off the ground to keep going. Finally Kyle entered the red brick interior and was finally eliminated. Kyle engaged the enemy one ball and one shot at a time for almost 30 min.
Dan Issacson

IA DRANG - THE LOST PLATOON There were 33 Americans...lost, cut off and surrounded by an endless number of NVA. Holding this position was very critical, because until the Lost Platoon was wiped out, the NVA could not attack Firebase Falcon. With about 20 minutes left in the first phase of the battle only one American remained, and the NVA sent about 6-8 Sappers to find him. Just like the actual battle, all were taken out by an artillery round before they got to Dan. By holding this position, Dan denied the NVA the 600 points at Firebase Falcon, and also denied the NVA attacking LZ X-Ray additional troops, which enabled the Americans to ultimately hold LZ X-Ray. Congrats Dan!
Ronnie Szalkowski

Anyone who has ever played "der Reichstag" knows that the key to the defense is holding the Ludendorf Tower as long as possible to prevent Russians from closing on the Furher Bunker. There were 8 fully automatic guns in the tower, and it was incredible that it fell in less than three minutes. Russians were soon swarming around the bunkers west end and in short order Ronnie found himself all alone defending this critical position. Taking fire from 3 locations, Ron managed to keep the Russians out of the Reichstag for nearly 14 minutes. The 'Stag fell shortly after he was hit, but this defense almost won the team the coveted Reichstag Iron Cross, and Ron is awarded a well-deserved Iron Cross Defense patch.
Danica Zeise

Someone needs to explain to me how Danica Zeise held “der Reichstag” for 18 minutes while taking out at least 7, and maybe as many as 12 Americans during the Kelly’s Hero’s game on Saturday. She held solid in the Stag, without any support for almost as long as is required to win the Reichstag Iron Cross itself. She kept the American attackers at bay and guessing, by moving from window-to-window while keeping up an impressive rate of fire…and evidently a very accurate fire. The real kicker is, she didn’t get zapped until after she was told to leave the Stag to help defend the Bank from the Americans trying to capture that position. I’m thinking you guys should consider drafting Danica for the next “Reichstag” game that is scheduled for March 28th. After all, she has yet to be hit while inside the Stag. Another classic Iron Cross defense and a well deserved award! It is also “die erste Eiserne Kreuz haben wir das Vergnugen, die Vergabe an eine Dame”. (the first Iron Cross we have had the pleasure to award to a lady)
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