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Order of Lenin
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Given for an outstanding offensive or defensive effort that doesn't quite rise to the Kamikaze or Iron Cross level, but still merits special recognition:

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Dustin Hartzell

You should have seen this little guy! Probably 10 years old or so, never stopped moving, and during the second Ludendorf Point Defense game his team had lost their flag at der Banc. The enemy was closing quickly on the remaining Ludendorf flag.

While everyone else was hunkered down, Dustin ran alone through the center of town went between Ammo Dump 1 and 3rd Army HQ. This put him in position BEHIND 6-8 guys that were attacking the tower. He took out 5 or so, the attack collapsed and the Tower was saved as the game timed out.

Great effort from a first time player, and this guy will win lots of patches at Battlefront if he keeps playing!
Toni Corosu

You guys gotta remember Toni. The girl that kept eating the paintballs that smelled like bubble gum?? She ran around the entire day armed only with a pistol....and I lost track of how many guys she zapped with it.

What was most impressive was how she single-handedly blew up the Ludendorf Tower....TWICE!!

After eliminating the tower the second time, she ran into the center of town and hung the Russian flag after hauling down Kraut's banner.  Great game Toni!
Battle of Moscow

Players winning the Order of Lenin during the Battle of Moscow.

These patches were awarded to players replacing the three critical Russian flags that the Germans had captured:

  • Nick Slomkoski
  • Rob Trumpie
  • Josh "Chappy" Goodhart.
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