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February 20, 2010
Battle of Hoth

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Battle of Hoth at Battlefront Paintball

Objectives for the first half:

Empire was to first secure each objective for 5 consecutive minutes and then have a Shock Trooper detonate a sequencer charge at the base of the flag station to permanently remove it from play. Power Supply Station ownership determined whether or not the Empire could detonate a sequencer charge once they had held the objective for the time limit. If the Rebels pulled the Empireís flag prior to the objective being detonated, the Empire had to hold the objective for another 5 minutes, regardless of how long the flag was flying.

The power supply station had to first be taken by the Empire before they could detonate sequencer charges at any objective. A flag hanging at the station indicated that the Empire had disabled the power supply station and all shields around the objectives were down. The Empire was then free to detonate the sequencer charge provided they had completely secured the objective for the given time period. The Empire was still free to assault and hold objectives while the Power Supply Station is in Rebel hands, they were just not able to take it out of play.

The Empire would first hang the flag at the targeted objective and then hold the location for 5 minutes. Once it had been held for the time period, a Shock Trooper could bring up a sequencer charge to detonate the location. Empire may then return to the drop ship for a new flag to place at a new objective.

Holding a location the first time for the time period will cause the Rebels to have to evacuate pilots from the planet at the end of the game. Detonating the objective will cause the Rebels to have to evacuate additional pilots from the planet.

Objectives for second half:

Empire attempted to run the Rebels out of Echo Base and hold on to it long enough to convince them the battle was lost. Once Echo was abandoned, the Rebel Troops would begin to defend three evacuation zones where designated pilots leave the planet at set time intervals. Meanwhile, Rebels defend the Ion Cannon while the Empire tries to capture it intact for their own purposes. The Rebels could detonate a sequencer charge at the Ion Cannon station if they were about to be overrun.

Echo Base was entered from the south through the hanger door by the Empire and Rebels troops alike. Players could only enter the base between the two buildings. No doors or windows could be utilized, although they may still fire through them at will. AT-ATs and AT-STs were not to enter the base. The Empire would be attempting to hang their flag at the small tower in the center of the base. If this flag was up at the time limit, additional Rebel pilots would need to get off the planet. As Rebels were eliminated from the base, they would head to their respawn point. They could still utilize any remaining tunnels to get a free pass back into Echo. The Empire needed to seek out the remaining tunnels and destroy them in order to effectively cut off the troops inside. Orbital bombardment of Echo was not out of the question at this point and would be up to the Empireís generalís discretion. Orbital bombardment would not eliminate Rebel Troops, but would cause some of the protective walls to come down. Not without cost to the Empire, however as taking the base without doing significant damage to it would be rewarded by the Emperor.

Once Echo was abandoned by the Rebels, three fireworks would be launched. This signals that the Empire would now only respawn at Echo and the Rebels would respawn at any netted location.

At this point, the Rebels would attempt to get their pilots off the planet at any of three evac sites. At scheduled time intervals, a referee removed the pilot armband from a player at one of the evac sites and he would be considered safely away. The Empire would need to attempt to overwhelm the evacuation sites to prevent pilots from escaping.

During the planetís evacuation, the Rebels would be manning the Ion Cannon to clear the path for any escaping Rebel ship. The Empire would be attempting to capture the cannon intact. Rebel troops would be permitted to set off a sequencer charge at that location, thus disabling the Ion Cannon if capture is imminent, but in doing so, they would cause a delay in the departure of fleeing transport ships. If they were able to hold the cannon long enough, several fleeing pilots will be counted as 2 instead of 1. Capture of the Ion Cannon intact by the Empire would enable them to use the cannon against fleeing transport ships and the next few pilots to escape would not count for the Rebels.

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