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August 20, 2006
Wake Island - Alamo of the Pacific

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The weather cooperated and a record number of players showed up at Battlefront for this event, with several coming from Alexandria, VA and even a couple from Las Vegas, NV.

At one point there were 75+ players on each team, and in the first scenario, the Japanese really showed their metal by taking heavy casualties during their continuous and determined assaults on Omaha Beach. They never quit. It took them almost 30 minutes to finally raise their flag over the airfield and advance their reinforcement area.

Some of the most incredible action took place on Mt. Suribachi where determined Jap attacks captured the Marine Corps flag 4-5 times, and equally hostile Marines recaptured it every time, once with a 22 man attack and only 15 seconds of time remaining. There will probably be several Kamikaze and Iron Cross recommendations because of the intense action during this hour long battle. Although eventually captured, this was the last objective lost by the Marines during this scenario. Their defense stiffened and the 2 hour battle timed out with them still in control of the 4 remaining positions.

Most players were able to fight on the recently opened and bunkered west end of the field where the Marine HQ is located. This new area effectively doubles the size of the combat area at Battlefront, and will make for some interesting battles in the future. Thanks for a great day and terrific action.

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