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September 18, 2010
Red Dawn

Event Photos

Red Dawn at Battlefront Paintball

Russians airdropped around the town. A small group of US players acted as the town’s law enforcement and attempted to hold off the Russian forces. All other US players attempted to get to one of three weapon’s caches in order to begin shooting.

Russians would try and raise the flag in the center of town within 20 minutes for bonus points, and have it still flying at the end of the hour for regular points.

Cuban troops focused on setting up their front lines and establishing a defensive perimeter. US troops returning from the dead box were hunting down these fortifications and attempting to eliminate them.

Wolverines attempted to reach their base flag in the Rockies unarmed. Once there, they would be given additional Wolverine armbands and are free to recruit whomever they wish.

Russians and Cubans attempted to capture the Mayor of Calumet and force his cooperation.

If captured by either the Russians or the Cubans, they could interrogate him for up to 30 minutes and look for pressure points. If they succeed finding the right pressure point (threatening to kill his family) then the mayor would give up the location of the Wolverines current base. If the Wolverine flag was pulled, points were awarded to the Russian/Cuban team and Wolverines must respawn at US HQ for 30 minutes.

US defended bridge crossings on the Mississippi. Russians attacked the Marine HQ bridge, Cubans attacked the covered bridge. Only the Russians could hang the Russian flag and only the Cubans could hang the Cuban flag. Both Cuban and Russian flags had to be flying for the mission to be a success for them.

Wolverines were to spray paint three plywood signs with the word “Wolverines”

Wolverines were to sneak into Calumet and plant explosives on 4 weapons crates. Wolverines were given one spy armband for 30 minutes to complete this task. Spies could not carry the explosives.

Wolverines would steal bomb components from the Russians in order to wire up explosives. Components would be located in several buildings in Calumet. Components were to be returned to the Wolverine flag station. US was advised that the Russians were hiding bomb components and were given 5 locations to check. US could use the recon plane to scout the areas and then relay the info to the Wolverines who were seeking out the bomb parts.

US launched an offensive to capture Route 25. Cubans pushed on the road in full force. Russians were given bogus information regarding the Wolverine’s whereabouts. In addition, there were various items in the town that the Wolverines were looking to acquire. Russians would be told that the Wolverine’s had set up a new base of operations in the woods North of the Russian AO.

10 brave volunteers from the US team acted as unarmed Calumet citizens facing a firing squad. (Barrel bags on.) All were given a headshot only role for their participation regardless of the outcome for the remainder of the game. 10 semiautomatic Russian and or Cuban players were selected and chrono’d to make sure that they are firing under 290. US players were given a sheet with the National Anthem and told to sing. At the completion of the song, the order was given to the Russian/Cubans to fire by a referee. Meanwhile, 5 Wolverines had started in the tall grass someplace behind the firing squad. A referee would ensure that they remain low without a field of vision. At the horn, the Wolverines attempted to eliminate the firing squad by listening for the sound of singing to locate the group. (US volunteers were told this privately to encourage loud singing.) Russians/Cubans were told to fire a single shot and if they hit their target on the first shot, then points were awarded. They were also advised that they were in a live game and still need to be on the lookout for enemy players. 10 points per citizen executed. Wolverines success or failure of their mission depended on the number of citizens rescued.

US team began at the covered bridge and would attempt to hold four flag stations in the Rocky Mountains. Two flag stations were at the covered bridge as well as the bend in the road. Each area had 1 Russian and 1 Cuban flag station. Hanging 1 flag will give the R/C team 25 points per location and 75 points for the US. Hanging two flags will give R/C 100 points and US 0. Likewise, having no flags hanging at a location gave the US 100 points and R/C 0 points.

US was given information stating the Wolverines have hidden intel as well as a decoder in 2 different locations. Russian tank proceeded from their HQ to the covered bridge. 10 Russian players were given cards to wear around their necks indicating they are part of the armored column. Ref followed and collect the cards as players were hit. All Russian convoy players had to stay on the road but they could bring as much support as they like to keep them safe.

Three US flag stations were set up on Route 66. Players attempted to move the flags eastward towards the enemy HQ. If a flag bearer was hit in transit, the opposing team gained points and the flag station would change hands and be set up in the eliminated player’s spot.

Russian tank was defending the hilltop while Wolverines attempted to mark it with smoke. If they were successful, then the tank was out for the rest of the game. US forces pushed on Calumet to drive out the invaders.

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