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July 9, 2011
6th Anniversary Cookout

Event Photos

Six years after opening their doors, Battlefront Paintball held their annual Player Appreciation Day and Cookout.   The games varied all day, but started with a local favorite "Reichstag".   At the lunch break, players were treated a buffet of culinary goodness.  There was all sorts of food to choose from as well as ice cold beverages for all.   After lunch the games began again, this time with a civil war match.  Although this isn't the biggest event at Battlefront the sportsmanship was second to none.

What the players said about this game:

"Thanks, once again, to the Best family for the great day at BFPB. The food was awesome!. We had to leave after lunch, but we had a great time in the first half games and the great food. Always a class production." - The Old Guy

"Great field, great food, and above all else, great people. It's what keeps me coming back and what drives me to recruit more people to come every time ...  I had as good a time as I could have ever hoped for. Thanks as always!" - JohnFest

"What makes the Anniversary event so great in my mind is it usually brings out a lot of the cooler players w/ the best attitudes." - Ger

"Excellent food and a nice relaxed day of play.  It was fun to play side by side with Arcs and the Immortals.  Will definitely do it again next year." - Hunter

"Food was great and the action was intense throughout the day.  I'm hoping for more intense action/insanity in August. If they do the top best paintball parks/fields in the USA, BFPB should be #1 !! " -Snowman

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