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September 23, 2006
Operation Torch

Event Photos

IT NEVER RAINED A DROP. The weatherman lied (as usual) and his claim that it was going to rain all day reduced attendance to about 130 players. Based on the comments from those at the game, this was a grand scenario.

Congrats to Josh, who had the French Forces creating all kinds of chaos on the field. At first they assisted the Germans by defending the Seelow Heights, and once the Germans withdrew to fight the Americans, the French promptly abondoned the hill, entered the Reichstag, and advised the sole German defender to seek his fortune elsewhere. He did, and soon returned with 30 Germans and one Frenchman bent on recapturing the Reichstag. (The one French soldier that accompanied these German forces, stormed the Stag...and promptly switched over to help his countrymen fight the Krauts. TRUST THE FRENCH!!)

While this battle raged, the German forces that had been successfully defending the western approaches to the Ludendorf were now too weak to hold. The Americans captured and held a forward German position in the woods and advanced their respawn point about 150 yards. This put the Germans between two forces and chaos reigned. As planned, 45 minutes into the scenario, the French had to choose between joining the Americans or the Germans, and to make it fair they had to be equally divided. The problems arose when all the French in the bottom of the Reichstag became Americans...and the four French defending the Reichstag second floor had to become Germans. A story for another day.

At the beginning of the scenario, the Americans were given a map of the field outlining their objectives, and the location of the minefields. Once the American were taken to their jumping-off points, we then gave the German team 40 trip mines to place anywhere they wanted to protect their positions. Most of their flag stations were soon wired. The Americans had NO knowledge these extra mines were in play. After 2.5 hours, both side were really exhausted and the Germans managed to hold the Flak Tower and their HQ on Omaha Beach. Tactical victory for the Americans who captured three of the five objectives. Hope to have additional pictures of the battle up in a day or so.

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