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November 19, 2006
Attack in the Solomons

Event Photos

The sun came out for a while...the sleet came down for a while...Big Sarge's howitzer rounds came down ALL OVER THE PLACE. Weather kept the official player count at 92 for the Solomons scenario, but the combat was as intense as ever. The second scenario was the most intense with the Americans using their artillery very effectively allowing them to capture the 2 forward deployed Japanese flags, preventing the Japs from reinforcing. IT HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION THAT RIPTIDE WAS THE GUY THAT PULLED BOTH OF THE JAPANESE FLAGS. (Some of the players have recommended him for the KAMIKAZE Patch, but this can only come from a ref. Must have been something extraordinary to see) Americans eventually overwhelmed the Japanese defenders and captured the airfield. The Japanese then had 20 minutes to "banzia" and retake the airfield. In classic Bushido fashion, they continued to charge thru the American artillery and guns opposing them, recapturing the American flag with only 3 minutes of game time remaining. I'll bet 20,000 paintballs were fired during this 17 minute engagement!!

New additions to the field for this game were a second story tower built on top of the wall that surrounds the Bank, and 6 howitzers (3 for each team)launching rockets up to 500 feet down range. These howitzers were much more effective than we had expected. The first round Neosmut called in on the Ludendorf took out 4 Japanese (a 425 foot shot) and the first round the Japanese called in on the Duce hit the rear bumper taking out 2 Americans (a 390 foot shot). Sarge had a hit ratio of about 40+%, meaning every other round he fired took someone out. We have now figured out a way to salvo fire and rapid fire these battery's allowing 12-15 rounds a minute to be launched. The next D-Day, or Iwo Jima, etc scenarios will be insane!!

Hope to use them for the New Years Eve event on December 30th.

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