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March 17, 2012
Kelly's Heros

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The first six missions were each 40 minutes long.  Points were awarded on a per-minute basis, with the attacking team earning however many points remained in the 40 minutes and the defending team earning points for the number of minutes they prevented the attacking team from completing their objective.  In some cases, Kelly’s Heroes were awarded  bonuses for completing their missions, regardless of the amount of time that it took.

The seventh and final mission would hold the same value as the first six combined.  The winner would be determined by which team held more gold at their collection point.

Mission 1:

Colonel Dankhopf (played by .68 Caliber ref, Funkie) of German intelligence was in town to pass along critical information to German command in the area.  The US army got wind of this and sent a platoon to capture him.  The Germans initially put up stiff resistance, but were eventually overrun by the US as they assaulted the town from the west.  Colonel Dankhopf evaded capture for roughly 20 minutes, sometimes hiding no more than a few feet from the assaulting US team.  He was eventually noticed and a short chase ensued.  Upon his capture, he was taken to a secure location and fed enough “booze” until he eventually blurted out the details about German gold in the area.


Germans: 20

Kelly’s Heroes: 20

Mission 2:

Kelly begins to organize a plan to go after a large cache of German gold, but first he needs to get enough support for the mission.  To do this, he first needed to pick up the two gold bars that Dankhopf had hidden in the area in order to bribe fellow troops to help him go after the big score.  Kelly’s group learned of one bar hidden at an outpost on the “beach” and one bar hidden on Hilltop 240.  The bar on the beach was immediately recovered but the Germans defended the bar on Hilltop 240 for nearly the entire mission duration as Kelly’s Heroes repeatedly attacked close to the German respawn point which helped them cut down wave after wave of US assaults.  Kelly’s gang eventually overwhelmed the Germans on the hill and returned the gold bar to their base with one minute remaining in the mission.


Germans: 39

Kelly’s Heroes: 1

Mission 3

Kelly’s Heroes needed to get to Crapgame’s location in order to bribe him for supplies and intelligence.  The Germans initially put up a fight that slowed down the US team, but eventually were overwhelmed, leaving Snowman of the German team to defend the final objective by himself against more than 30 US players.  After holding off the advancing enemy for a little bit, he was eventually dispatched and Kelly’s group gained access to the supplies after exchanging the gold bar with Crapgame.  The supplies were brought back to the US HQ and in doing so, provided their team with a gold collection point that was closer to their base at the end of the game.


Germans: 21

Kelly’s Heroes: 19

Mission 4:

Kelly now set to gaining support for some kind of diversion during the final attack.  To do this, his team needed to get the remaining gold bar to Mulligan in order to convince him to provide mortar support.  Mulligan was stationed high up on the artillery platform and completely surrounded by German defenders.  Kelly’s group needed to first fight through the German resistance below at the radar dish, and then battle their way across the bridge to gain access to the artillery platform.  After stalling initially, Bootman of the US team lobbed a smoke grenade to cover the US advance on the left flank.  Several US players got into position and began picking off Germans at the radar dish and serving as a distraction while additional US troops moved in from the right.  Eventually German defender, Sloppy Joe, was the last man standing at the radar dish.  He continued to provide accurate sniper fire using First Strike rounds until he was eventually overwhelmed.  The US team made their way across the bridge and after fighting off several waves of German reinforcements and was able to get the gold to Mulligan.  This enabled them to get mortar support for the final mission.


Germans: 27

Kelly’s Heroes: 13

Mission 5:

The Germans were tasked with providing reinforcements to the oil dump.  They would travel via convoy down the main road, through town and then arrive at their objective.  In order to proceed past each checkpoint, a German with a special mission card must present his card to the referee at that checkpoint before the entire team can progress.  The US team set up at the first checkpoint and would not be dislodged for anything or anyone.  The Germans poured wave after wave of rushing assaults, usually led by Brian of team Total Resistance, onto the dug in US troops, only to be repelled in a hailstorm of paint.  Frustrated, one German soldier of team Lightning Force took to hurling good-natured, verbal assaults at players on the US team.  Chappy, of the ARC Troopers on the US side responded in kind by cocking his marker sideways, “gansta-style” and firing off a single round shouting, “it’s a kill shot!”  The round traveled roughly 50 yards and found its mark right on the goggles of the taunting German.  Both players rushed forward and exchanged a high-five.


Germans: 0

Kelly’s Heroes:  40

Mission 6:

The final point-based mission began with the Germans in the lead by a mere 14 points as a result of staving off Kelly’s assaults long enough to come out on top with the points for most missions.  It was still anybody’s game for the first portion.  The team coming out with more points in this mission would likely secure their spot in the prize drawing at the end of the game.  Kelly now needed to get bridge materials to the river in order to gain Oddball’s tank support for the final mission.  Three, 100 pound pallets were stationed on the west end of the field, while the area that Oddball needed to cross was on the east end of the field.  Kelly’s gang slowly, and laboriously began hauling the pallets to the other end of the field.  Stopping from time to time in order to battle their way through German resistance the entire way.  Kelly’s group opted to circumvent the city where the Germans were dug in and instead took the long way across the beach at the north end of the field.  They finally arrived at the bridge location where the Germans had pulled back and set up resistance on the high ground and again down below near the radar dish.  The Germans fought bravely, but were soon pushed back by the creeping death of the US team.  Had it not been for the efforts of Killer from team Hand of Fate on the German side, the US may have been able to overrun the objective with relative ease.  However, perched high up on the hillside, Killer continued to rain down Nerf death from above with his rocket launcher, knocking out scores of US team members as they inched forward with their bridge sections.  Eventually, the sheer numbers from the US team overwhelmed the hilltop defenses as Kelly’s Heroes scaled the left flank of the hillside and began clearing it out.  The Germans were eliminated and the bridge was put in place, but not in enough time to secure a point victory for the US team.  The Germans were now guaranteed that their tickets would be in the prize drawing.


Germans: 28

Kelly’s Heroes: 12

Mission 7:

The final mission began with Kelly’s assault on the town of Clermont where the bank held a large cache of gold under lock and key.  To gain access to the bank, Kelly’s Heroes needed to first clear the entire town of Germans and control all of the critical points in town simultaneously.  The US team launched their attack from the south.  The Germans threw everything they had at them from the windows and towers of the town.  The Inn was the first building to fall into US hands and the flag inside was switched over to US colors.  Next, the flag in the black-brick bunkers between the bank and the general store changed hands.  Now the US effectively controlled the entire west side of the city, while the Germans held the east.  The battle between the two halves of the town continued for some time until Oddball’s armor showed up in town, Imperial Death March blaring from the loudspeakers, and overran the German defenses, capturing the last two remaining flags.  With all flags simultaneously in US control, the bank vault was opened and dozens of greedy US hands carried off the gold bars to their collection point.  With the collection point securely in US hands, the Germans were unable to mount an effective counterattack to reclaim the gold and the game ended with all 43 bars of gold in US hands.  This kept the US team from being shutout of the prize drawing and all players were granted the chance of winning a prize at the end of the game.  Mulligan’s mortars never came into play.

Thanks to all those who attended this event!  We look forward to seeing you again!

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