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Dec 30, 2006
2nd Annual New Years Eve Game

A total of 186 players, absolutely perfect weather, and some of the most aggressive play I've ever seen combined to make this event one for the record books! Starting the day off with Battlefronts signature game "Der Reichstag" got things off to a wild start, and I was a bit concerned about throwing our 80 first time visitors into this chaos. With 60 German defenders standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the Stag, I expected a lot of Reichstag Defense Patchs to be issued. But the Russians were very aggressive, constantly advancing on two fronts and Stag fell in less than 15 minutes in both games. Tactical victory goes to the Red Team for holding out a couple of minutes longer than the Germans. I don't think I EVER saw so much friendly fire, and Mother Hen (our strawberry blonde photographer) took at least 20 hits from "the most color blind group of trigger-happy *%$#@ ever to play the game". Oh yeah, the only comments I heard from the new guys..."can we do that again" (I'm beginning to think all ya'll are nuts)...

D-Day was next and we used two howitzers to drop a smoke barrage on Omaha to cover the American landing. I thought the Americans would need a compass to find there way through the smoke. Just like the real battle, it was extremely difficult to get off that beach, but the Americans did manage to capture the Airfield tower and fortifications. Another group used a flanking attack thru the woods to capture the Kraut flag at the new bridge across Crab Creek below Suribachi. The Germans defense stiffened and they held the town and their remaining two flags for most of the game, but a final push by the Americans captured the final two German flags with less than 2 minutes to go. The victory goes to the Americans on D-Day....

Next up was the always intense Center Flag game, and by this time we had 75-80 players on each team. Flags went up and down a dozen times during the first game by both individual suicidal efforts, or 7-8 man banzia charges. The first game was a draw, but the Germans did manage to win the replay....

Stalingrad finished the day with the Germans winning the second encounter just as it was starting to get dark. Sorry about running out of paintballs guys, but we really thought 336,000 paintballs would be enough for an event in the dead of winter. Especially since the most we ever used at an event before was 127 cases (254,000). WE WON'T RUN OUT AGAIN AND THANKS FOR MAKING THIS SUCH A GREAT EVENT.

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