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January 27, 2007
Battle of the Bulge

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Player count was 113 for what was perfect weather for a Battle of the Bulge scenario. As always, only the finest paintball warriors attend these battles and this game was no exception!!You should have seen the look on the faces of the American players when, at the end of the mission brief, I said "by the way, there are about a dozen Germans spies standing in your ranks right now". Well, that's what happened in the real battle. Kudos to NEOSMUT for doing such a great job as the German spies! Their battleplan is at the end of this post. After the bridges were captured during the first scenario, the Germans positioned players to immediately assualt Antwerp as soon as Bastogne was captured. They didn't realize that their plan took Patton right out of the battle, and Antwerp was captured before George S. could get their. The rematch saw the artillery brought into play (Sarge eliminated every defender on Mt. Suribachi with about 7 rounds)and it looked like the attackers would again capture Antwerp. But stubborn defenses in Bastogne and on Omaha gave Patton time to arrive and meet the "banzia" charge by about 20 guys from the airfield head-on. At least 4 attacks were beaten back saving Antwerp in a classic Battlefront engagement.
Here's how NEOSMUT made it happen during the first game:

A spies story: Game 1

NEOSMUT began the game deployed at the Heavy Equipment Bridge. Our plan was to mount a fake defense and allow the German Army to capture the bridge with no casualties. Before the game started our team slipped a letter to German command detailing our plan and providing radio frequencies and call signs for communication.

Unfortunately the German team had trouble moving to the Heavy Equipment Bridge. The plan also started changing when a group of walk-on players became suspicious of us and tried following us around. To counter we sent a 4 man squad across the field to draw off the suspicious Americans. The squads split off into two groups; one of the groups took fire and was eliminated while the other was able evade the American following them and proceed to bunker the defenders at the Marine HQ paving the way for the Germans to cross the river and take the flag.

That the same time this was happening NEOSMUT players at the Heavy Equipment Bridge devised a plan to capture their objective. One of the players discretely switched arm bands as another distracted the Americans. When the Americans looked up they saw paint flying their direction from a German spy who then proceeded to raise the German flag over the Heavy Equipment Bridge!

From there the German Army was able to pinch in and overwhelm the stunned Americans at the middle two bridges. With the bridges taken, the American furiously attempted to recapture the Heavy Equipment Bridge to avoid the artillery strikes. Unfortunately for them, they left the city with too few defenders. A squad of Germans moved from the Marine HQ and took the Ludendorf objective quickly. Then, without pausing the moved through the city capturing the Flak Tower.

This cleared the way for members of the German team (Mike Jr., Ivan, Chris Chaos) to take advantage of the opening and spring from the Atlantic wall to the flag station to win the game. As American casualties stood in the respawn area waiting for the flare all they could do is watch them drop the flag and end the game.

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