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April 28, 2007
Four Pack - Event

There is a bounty on weathermen where ever they can be found. Threat of rain dropped the player count from an expected 166 to 127 BUT IT WAS STILL A GREAT TIME!! After 4 battles, the outcome was STILL in doubt until the last 2 minutes of the Battle of the Bulge at 6:58 p.m. The Germans pulled the final 400 point Antwerp flag to secure the overall victory.

The Germans lost Operation Torch by a score of 500 to 200 after early American successes captured 6 of the 7 objectives, but during Monte Cassino, the Germans were not to be denied. Americans threw themselves against extremely stubborn German defensive lines and were only able to capture positions worth a total of 100 points. (In this scenario, "Italy" proved to be just as difficult to capture as it was in WWII) The other 600 points stayed in German hands. Score at this point: Americans 600 Germans 800. Next came D-Day which if fast becomming a Battlefront signature engagement. Both sides were exhausted after the battle which was as close to a draw as possible.

Tyler Hegedus was awarded the Iron Cross for his single-handed elimination of every enemy holding the Supply Docks. Totals after three engagements German 1100 Americans 1000, and the stage was set for the Battle of the Bulge for all the marbles.

As expected, the Germans quickly captured the lightly defended American forward positions running their score up to 1200 points and they then set their sites on Antwerp for the win. German assaults were constantly mowed down because the Americans were holding "der Banc" complex overlooking Omaha (Antwerp) Several 20 and 30 man charges melted under a withering cross-fire. With only six minutes remaining, the Krauts switched their efforts to taking the banc before assualting Antwerp, and when it fell, even the arrival of Patton couldn't stop the one last charge that captured the last flag giving the Germans the overall win. WHAT A DAY! 290,000 paintballs fired by 127 players. We gotta do this again!

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