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September 15-16, 2007
Warsaw and Barbarossa - Event

The Russians and Germans dominated the first day, although during the first hour or so of the battle, the Polish had EVERY German flag down and all of theirs flying. At the end of the first day, the Russians prevailed, knocking down every Polish flag and every Russian walked off with 500 paintballs.

Then comes day 2. With less than 5 minutes left in the game, the Poles capture the last German strong point at the Bank and have a very slim 100 point lead. (How about the one German inside the Bank with 15 Polish troops surrounding him....and he wasn't about to give up!!) The refs finally talked him into calling it quits and there wasn't another German to be seen anywhere. We were about to end the game because it looked like the Poles were unchallenged. We didn't, and with about 2 minutes left, and Poles standing all around the Bank and Airfield, GERMANS ATTACKED ON TWO FRONTS. Caught by surprise, the Polish defense quickly melted away in the face of 3000 paintballs, and the German advance didn't stop until the Bank, Ludendorf and Woods Tower had all been recaptured. Krauts won the battle with less than 90 seconds remaining. I still don't know where they were hiding before launching that final assault....but it was somethin' to see!!

October 13th is Kokoda Track. We are working on a new twist for this event. Air strikes will be part of the game, and the opposing team must shoot the aircraft down before an objective the planes are protecting can be taken...or the enemy troops must vacate any objective the planes are attacking to avoid becoming a bombing casualty. We are gonna test these planes out the weekend of September 29th. Paintball guns will be able to shoot them down....if you can hit them!

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