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December 15, 2007
Toys for Tots

The Marines couldn't believe how many toys they collected from 70 players, and their van was packed bumper-to-bumper when they left the field. The games were outstanding as always and I guess rabbits do better in the snow, because they were getting skinned the first two games. When the blizzard arrived for the third game, the wabbits demo'd all six buildings to win the over all day by 2000 points. The Marines would have won had they hung on for 2:30 more. Some of the more noteworthy items of the day: 1. The HARES capture Ms. Claus who, when alone with her captors, pulls out a pistol, caps a couple of bunnies and heads for the Marines. The HARES finally recapture her....and then conducted a body search!!! 2. The captured Elf trys to escape by half-drowning herself in Crab Creek. (I never saw anyone shiver as much as she did the rest of the day) 3. Six Marines were defending the Ludendorf when a HARE smoke bomb landed under the tower. The smoke filled the top of the tower and the defenders vacated the place at a gallop. 4. There was one Marine defending the ammo box in the 216th Tank Repair. He is standing in the doorway watching 15+ HARES standing around Ammo 2, the 6th Panzer, the Flak Tower, etc and nobody's doing anything. I asked the Jarhead if he was out and he said NO. You should have seen THAT fire fight! Rabbits got him, but not before 6-7 of them were heading for respawn.

Just another day at the "Front".

See ya'll at the New Years Eve game December 29th. Looks like the first game will be DER REICHSTAG.

Did Kamikaze Kevin really catch his pants on fire??

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