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November 10, 2007
NPPL / Hitman Paintball Challenge

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I wish EVERYBODY could have seen the look on Wingnut the Russian's face when we told him "a double agent just stole both briefcases and ran off to join Agent 47"!!! (The agents lost one guy who opened the wrong briefcase and got a good whiff of the Anthrax) The Russians were in a complete panic when they realized the I.D's of Mikhail and Yuri, and the location of their base was known. Their base flag was soon down, but the agent who dropped it (none other than Agent 47 himself) failed to run off with it. The Russians regrouped in short order, replaced the flag and kept both Mikhail and Yuri safe. End of the first game: Russians 300 Agents 200.

Second game was dominated by the Russians and much of the success came from yet another double agent who accepted the 1000 paintball bribe and stole the agents file cabinet from the Reichstag. Until the betrayal, the Russians just couldn't capture the Reichstag. The agents protected Nika's hiding place from 3-4 attacks until the last 3 minutes of the game, but it was finally captured. (She didn't seem to mind the "interrogation" very much) Agent 47 was taken out and the Russian won 400 to 100.

During the final game, both the Russians and the Agents captured the opponents most valuable base flag, but the Russian capture of the Agents forward base flag on Suribachi was the difference. Total players hit was about equal (580 points to 510) but the 200 point flag made the difference.

Overall victory to the Russians and thanks to all for making it a GREAT contest. We can't say enough about the outfits!!!

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