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July 12, 2008
3rd Anniversary and Player Appreciation Day

HOT weather, 167 total players, 80 pounds of pork, 66 pounds of chicken, 50 pounds of taters, 5 gallons of baked beans, dozen watermelons, 10 gallons of ice cream cones, (Thanks again Mike) hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks...guys hit this the food like a pack of great white sharks it was GONE a lot quicker than I thought it would be. I hear it tasted great and we are gonna have the chef back to cook for our Halloween Party October 25. This time we will double the estimate of food needed per player.

We ran out of time before the Illegal Aliens game, but there must have been lots of trigger time during the games that were played. Over 230,000 paintballs went out the average of 1400 per player. Because of getting the food and stuff ready, I was only able to ref the first Reichstag game and it was an all-time classic.

With still 9 minutes remaining, things really looked hopeless for the last few guys surrounded inside the Stag. But they were dug in like a bunch of Alabama ticks, and white armbands kept going in (and coming out) of the Stag in a steady stream. Krauts fell short by only 2 minutes 16 seconds...but there is something to be said for holding that joint for 32 minutes and 44 seconds. I'm sure those of you who played Battlefronts signature game for the first time now have a lot more respect for the players wearing "der Reichstag Iron Cross".

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