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August 16, 2008
Ia Drang - RVN

174 players and this battle REALLY did the actual conflict at the Ia Drang justice. I can't help but think if the lost platoon hadn't left 60 artillery rounds in the parking lot, many more of the NVA sappers would have been eliminated and prevented from overrunning the platoon by this artillery shield. American resistance was stiff, but just like at the real battle, American relief forces just couldn't break thru the entrenched NVA, and this doomed Lt. Herrick's guys.

The NVA then concentrated on LZ X-Ray, and the 7th Cav firepower and artillery was holding them off. Eventually, the effect of 8 Americans flying in, 8 being flown out, and additional casualties accumulating in the med-evac area weakened the defense enough that Lt. Col. Moore had to call "Broken Arrow with NVA about 100 feet from the Marine HQ. When that rocket went off the NVA scattered like illegal Mexicans at an INS convention.

With the American defense re-established, the 7th Cav was again holding firm against the NVA. At one point, 12-15 VC stormed down the hill towards the creek right into the rear of Hal Moore's HQ. It was a perfectly executed attack...that failed miserably when a copter, that the VC didn't see, landed on their left flank. 30 seconds and 1,800 paintballs later there were no survivors. Unfortunately, everything soon fell apart for the US because of one VC named Kyle Machuta. You can read all about it on our Commendations Page under Kamikaze patch winners.

All you 7th CAV and NVA guys made this battle one for the record books!! With some fine tuning, I think this can become a Battlefront classic. Thanks for a GREAT day.

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