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January 24, 2009
Battle of Moscow

Die Namen der Eiserne Kreuz Gewinner sind: (Iron Cross winners) Dominic Bruno, August DiGiacobbe, Justin McCarty, Brian Hosseiinejad, Tim Williams, and Bryan Sharp.

Order of Lenin winners: Nick Slomkoski, Rob Trumpie and Josh "Chappy" Goodhart.


I can't imagine the real Battle of Moscow being much colder. The wind chill had temperatures at near zero all day, but that didn't stop 134 battle-hardened paintball players from pounding it out at Battlefront. At one point in the afternoon, the Germans had control of every Russian flag except the Airfield West, making the score Reds 675 and Krauts 600. The VERY effective use of air and artillery strikes enabled the Germans to win six of seven possible Iron Crosses for dropping Russian flags. At the Remagen one air strike had all the Russians scatter allowing the Germans to raise their flag on the bridge. This allowed them to use artillery which promptly eliminated about 8 Russians who had avoided the airstrike. Very sneaky. Throughout the day, Russian rockets took a heavy toll on Germans and enabled the Russians to re-hang all three critical flags and win three Order of Lenin patches. Looks like we will need to implement more detailed rulz regarding zooks, and we did get some great ideas on how to incorporate air and artillery into future games using the colored smoke. Russians won the day with a final score of 1075 to 775....and like the real battle, weather really aided the Russian effort.

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