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May 9, 2009
1st Strike Event: SOCOM

Event Photos

SOCOM at Battlefront Paintball

Mission 1: Insurgence

SEALs received word that a captured American Ambassador was being held captive within the city. La Mano held half the town at the start and were permitted to rush forward on the horn. The SEALs were in the woods behind the tower, but due to some unfortunate timing with the game horn and a train whistle, didnít realize the game had started and didnít get into the city as quickly as they could have. La Mano held the town pretty solidly while the hostage continued to yell for help from his place of incarceration. The SEALs ended up making a flank attack on the city behind the docks which drew a lot of La Mano players to the southeast corner of the city. The SEALs then used the gap in security on the other side of town to push in and catch La Mano in a pincer. Within a matter of minutes, the town fell, the hostage was rescued and La Mano was forced to regroup at their headquarters. The hostage turned out to be a Panamanian special forces officer rather than the American Ambassador. SEALs recovered intel hinting that La Mano was up to something more sinister than just nabbing hostages.

SEALS: 2,000 La Mano: 500

Mission 2: Gone to Ground

Flags were stationed at the bridge to La Manoís HQ and on the high ground above it. There was a wounded hostage within the compound on a stretcher, and another hostage on the high ground. For a solid hour, La Mano beat back wave after wave of SEALs assaults, including a stealth attack that came within 20 feet of the HQ. The hostage made several daring escape attempts, only to be quickly recaptured by an alert La Mano security team. Rocket attacks dispelled several large SEALs groups and the compound held without either hostage being rescued. A lone SEALs member made a daring run for a bit of intel at the entrance to the compound, but was shot down while escaping. This piece of intel was never recovered by the SEALs team which potentially put them in a difficult spot for the last mission.

SEALs: 2,000 La Mano: 4,000

Mission 3: Walkabout

A plane went down near the covered bridge which was carrying weapons and hostages. The hostage was taken to a secure location within Santa Clara, but the SEALs were onsite before the weapons crate could be recovered by La Mano, which deprived them of Nerf rockets for their launchers. The SEALs were able to recover a bit of intel at this location indicating that La Mano may be building bombs.

Within 15 minutes of the start of the mission, the security forces at Santa Clara became distracted and the hostage managed to escape. SEALs found the hostage wandering in the woods and escorted him to the extraction zone and kept him there until he could be safely removed from the conflict. Later on in the hour, the hideout at Santa Clara fell to the SEALs and La Mano pulled out.

SEALs: 6,500 La Mano: 4,000

Mission 4: House Call

SEALs received intel that a high level La Mano officer was at his villa in Pueblito de Jurado. SEALs again beat La Mano to the site before La Mano forces could get there to protect their officer. SEALs team members quickly hacked the laptop within the villa which yielded further bomb-disarming instructions. The laptop was returned to HQ for further examination. The La Mano officer saw the SEALs approaching the location before they were on site to capture him, and he made a break for the ridge behind his villa. Finding the first clump of bushes he saw at the top of the hill, he dove in and remained motionless for 40 minutes while patrol after patrol of SEALs members walked by.

In the second half of the hour, La Mano forces showed up and cleared the area of SEALs. The villa was taken back and the La Mano officer linked up with his comrades. In the last 10 minutes of the mission, an air strike was dropped on the villa, clearing it of La Mano players, but SEALs failed to capitalize on the clearing and the territory remained in La Manoís hands.

SEALs: 8,500 La Mano: 9,500

Mission 5: Double Cross

Another La Mano hideout was discovered in La Mata along with intel suggesting a second high level officer of La Mano was at this location. SEALs received intel on the officers exact hiding location within the area but were unable to kill or capture him. La Mano once again defended their hideout and protected one of their leaders.

Meanwhile, after having several of their weapons crates confiscated by the SEALs, La Mano was running desperately short of ways to obtain rockets. A plan was devised to crack the safe at the bank and an inside man posted the combination within the base of the tower at the edge of town. SEALs caught wind of this plan and sent a security force to guard the bank. In the end, the bank held and La Mano was forced to look elsewhere for resources.

SEALs: 10,500 La Mano: 14,500

Mission 6: Diplomacy

After spending the majority of the day chasing shadows looking for the American Ambassador that had been captured, the SEALs received solid intel that he was being held in the Grand Palms hotel within the city. At the same time, it had become clear that La Mano intended to detonate several bombs within the area, but intel was still sketchy as to their location. To further complicate matters, the SEALs never managed to recover the intel doc from the second mission which held information regarding the second step of a three step process to disarm the weapons.

La Mano players set up in the Grand Palms Hotel and held their hostage captive on the second floor. By disabling the security building as well as power to the Grand Palms, the SEALs team was able to use several stealth attacks to move around the location freely. Despite a valiant effort by the La Mano players inside the Grand Palms, the SEALs were able to overrun the location and get the Ambassador to safety. La Mano struggled throughout the rest of the hour to fight their way back in to town so that they could assault the extraction point. In the end, the Ambassador was picked up and flown back to the states.

SEALs: 17,000 La Mano: 14,500

Mission 7: 11th Hour

Pieces of the puzzle were coming together regarding La Manoís master plan to blow up the control building for the Panama Canal while simultaneously detonating a dirty bomb further up stream. At the same time, it was learned that La Manoís puppet master was planning to evacuate the area just as the bombs went off. The SEALs general used information that his team had gathered throughout the day regarding the bombs and figured out the second step in the process. After dispatching a team to take control of the city and a second team to ambush the escaping La Mano general, the SEALs commander took point in assaulting the 1st bomb at the dam control building. The SEALs squad found the location unguarded after the La Mano team sent to protect the location had been ambushed by the SEALs players waiting for the La Mano general. The SEALs commander disarmed the first bomb and started a long trek around the field to get to the second bombís location.

Meanwhile, La Mano players on top of the hill outside of town fought with SEALs elements to capture the flag in the cityís center. SEALs elements held strong as the commander pushed forward towards the river bank to disable the dirty bomb. After a lengthy firefight with La Mano players on the other side of the creek, the SEALs commander once again was able to disarm the second device with only 10 minutes remaining until detonation. This device actually held more explosive power than the other as the La Mano team had utilized the hostages that had not been rescued by the SEALs as bartering items on the black market to gain more chemical compound for this bomb. This bomb would have been worth 5,000 points had it gone of as opposed to 3,000.

With minutes left in the game, the La Mano general and his squad fought through the SEALs trap and was able to escape. So despite foiling their plans this time around, La Mano will surely live on to fight another day.

SEALs: 27,000 La Mano: 18,500

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